Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Landscaping tips for wet weather

  • Avoid any soil impact activities like rototilling or using shovels to avoid damage to the soil structure. Wait until for at least 4 dry days to do any roto tilling or killing weeds with machines.
  • Plant your summer bulbs now taking advantage of wet soil
  • Since snails and slugs become more visible due to wet weather. However, avoid using any chemical application as this could kill useful biological agents as well. Wait until the weather turns sunny.
  • Dead head all spent flowers, bulbs and compost them.
  • Mow the lawns cross-wise to avoid compacting the soil.
  • Prune shrubs in between the rains as they grow vigorously due to rain. Of course, cut some flower bunches to bring inside.
  • Pull the weeds by hand now as they come out easily along with roots (especially the oxalis which is flowering now).
  • Be sure to check your potted plants especially under eaves as they don't get the water they need.